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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (360 SPIN)

Elves are magical beings with a natural affinity for guiding and channelling the shifting winds of magic that stream from the Realm of Chaos. Unlike their kindred in Ulthuan and Athel Loren, Dark Elf Sorceresses do not fear the corrupting power of Chaos and they use their sorcery - the unrefined power of magic - to cast such destructive spells that entire armies have fled before their might. Chief amongst these powerful wizards are the Sorceresses of the Dark Covenant, who learn some of the most devastating spells in the world. They can call upon ancient daemonic entities to devour their enemies, hurl storms of wicked shards at their foes or engulf them with bolts of dark energy.
Na tym modelu ćwiczyłem głównie malowanie skóry. Figurka została pomalowana w standardzie i kolorystyce mojej armii Mrocznych Elfów. Zdjęcia zostały wykonane w dziennym świetle.

In this model, the skin paint mainly practiced. Figure was painted in the standard colors of my army, and Dark Elves. The pictures were taken in daylight.



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