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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Modelling materials (part 3)

Modelling is a huge market, full of amazing products, for example, to obtain realistic effects on the models. I have in mind weathering, cover models by mud, dirt, snow, etc. One of the most famous company is AK Interactive created by Fernando Vallejo, which has launched many innovative products. As the person primarily engaged in painting figures in various scales and is always looking for new solutions and ideas, I decided to take a look at AK Interactive products. I chose the ones that I think can be useful when working with figures (and Warhammer 40000 vehicles). If you are not familiar with these products and have never hit upon the manufacturer's website, here you introduce measures selected by me along with a brief description of them.

Modelarstwo jest ogromnym rynkiem, pełnym niesamowitych produktów, przeznaczonych np do uzyskiwania realistycznych efektów na modelach. Mam tu na myśli postarzanie, pokrycie modeli błotem, kurzem, sniegiem itd. Jedną z najbardziej znanych firm jest AK Interactive stworzona przez Fernando Vallejo, która wprowadziła na rynek wiele innowacyjnych produktów. Jako, że osobiście zajmuje się głównie malowaniem figurek w różnych skalach i ciągle poszukuje nowych rozwiązań i pomysłów, postanowiłem zapoznać się z produktami AK Interactive. Wybrałem te, które moim zdaniem mogą się przydać przy pracy z figurkami (i pojazdami Warhammer 40000). Jeśli nie znacie tych produktów i nigdy nie trafiliście na stronę internetową tego producenta, to poniżej przedstawię Wam wybrane przezemnie środki wraz z krótkim ich opisem.

AK 089 Heavy Effects Acrylic Fluid
An acrylic product, odourless and effective to replace hairspray and to do large chipping effects on models. First we paint our model with a dark colour or the colour that we want to see under the chipping. Afterwards, we can apply directly from an airbrush giving a generous coat to our model. Afterwards, using an acrylic paint, we can do the large chipping effects. Dampen the surface using a brush and then do the effects using a sharp tool or the same brush. 

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders and flying vehicles)


AK 088 Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid
In this product we can make small damage effects.

AK 022 Africa Dust effects
Realist mixes to make dust effects. Useful to make cumulative dust and much more on minis or bases. This product is enamel and it is diluted with White Spirit.
AK 083 Track Wash
The perfect colour to apply on tracks, however it can used to do any type of rusting metal effects.

(Warhammer 40000: Rhinos, Land Riders, Imperial Tanks etc.)
AK 046 Light Rust Wash
The second wash in the AK Interactive range has been designed to represent rust on vehicles painted green . It has a light rusty color with realistic matt finish. It is perfect for amphibious or normal vehicles in wet environments. Also great for doing rusting effects on abandoned vehicles.

(Warhammer 40000: 
I think it will be perfectly suited to all vehicles with colors other than green, chaos power armours, Orcs, weapons)
(Fantasy: single miniatures, armours, Chaos, Skavens, Orcs...) 

AK 013 Rust Streaks
A new enamel product to create realistic streaking effects in your models. Easy to apply. Very realistic colors.

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders and flying vehicles)
(Fantasy: single miniatures, armours, Chaos, Skavens, Orcs...) 
AK 015 Dust Effects
Enamel washe to make natural washes, like dust. Just apply in your tank, wheels, tracks, bases to achieve the most realistic effect. Also you can mix with plaster to make mud with volume.

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders and flying vehicles)
(Warhammer Fantasy: maybe in Tomb King army?) 
AK 016 Fresh Mud
Enamel washe to make natural washes, like mud.

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders, flying vehicles, single miniatures, bases)
(Warhammer Fantasy: single miniatures, bases) 

AK 044 Ligh Rust
The definitive collection of pigments designed for modellers. Mig Jiménez, the original creator of pigments which are popular all over the world, has created the new definitive range of pigments for modellers. A series of necessary, basic colours so that you don't get lost looking in a never ending reference catalogue. These selections of colours are the most used and completely new colours. Also they are much finer than the existing products on the market and contain nearly 3 times the quantity 

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders, flying vehicles, single miniatures, bases)
(Warhammer Fantasy: single miniatures, bases)
AK 043 Medium Rust

AK 048 Pigment Fixer
A new enamel fixer to glue  pigments in an effective way to models. Shake well before use and apply with a brush over the pigments leaving it to expand for capillarity. Once dry, the pigment stays unaltered but has solidified on the surface. 
AK 711 Chipping Color
A great color to paint dark chips in your vehicles. Use this color directly to paint the chipping and scratches in all your vehicles to achieve a realistic look. Use a fine brush.

(Warhammer 40000: ideal for all riders, flying vehicles, single miniatures, power armours, bases)
(Fantasy: single miniatures, armours, bases)

For what else in our hobby could use these products? I think the limit is only our creativity and imagination..
Do czego jeszcze w naszym hobby można by zastosować te produkty? Myślę, że ograniczeniem jest tylko nasza pomysłowość i wyobraźnia.

And here is my test sample AK Interactive products on the armor fantasy model (Abyssal Warlord).
A tutaj próbka moich testów z produktami AK Interactive na zbroi modelu fantasy (Abyssal Warlord).

[update 21.09.2012]
If you need more information about the use of chemicals at AK Interactive models for Warhammer 40000 I invite you to an article on the blog FireAnt.  

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