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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to make a winter themed base?

It's me, Ctan, just hacked this blog! :D muahahahahhaha. just kidding, we're going to cooperate with Michal a bit more than ever ;) I'd like to present you one of my tutorials from fantasygames - you know, winter is coming so probably you want to make some snowy bases.

You'll need some tree bark, baking soda, PVA glue, sand, acrylic resin (water effect) and some time to make great looking base.

Many people asked me how I made snowy base for my Stonehorn. It’s simple ;) Just go to the forest and find some suitable tree bark and some sand. Then put them with PVA glue or other glue to your base. I use PVA glue but I don’t like waiting until it dry so I decided to put it into microwave…  You can do it for your own risk! But remember to check base every 5-6 second microwaving because it can bend.

Now, prime it with black spray. When basecoat is ready you can take big, old  brush and drybrush with colors you desired. I used Chardon Granite for first drybrush.

Next I mixed Chardon Granite mixed with Dheneb Stone and drybrushed again – after this pure Dheneb Stone drybrush.

Ok, now I check colors, Stonehorn have some gray colors that fit base color. It’s good when base corresponding with miniature.

Next I add some grass. In my opinion Army Painter tufts are perfect to this. I put highland  and winter tuft glued with superglue.

Ok, now it’s time for snow! I use baking soda mixed with Still Water from Vallejo and some water.

Just put some soda and mix it with Still Water. You’ll get mixture with paste consistency.

Now put this mix on base. It look a little transparent but when it dries it will be white and shiny, like real snow.

Now place some pure baking soda on base.

Your base is ready! Wait until it dry and place mini.
Also you may be interested how to make icicles to make more winter themed stuff.

Here you can see finished mini placed on base: Ogre Kingdoms – Stonehorn

So, hope everythig is clear :)

Best regards,
Lukasz (ctan)

Wow ... it's called hacked ...
Thank you Luke for the excellent tutorial. Your work is amazing and I'm thinking that all of us are like them and they give a lot of inspiration to work.

Have fun painting,


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