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Saturday, December 15, 2012

INBOX003 - Fallen (NORSGARD)

Fallen, the miniature from NORSGARD game.

Norsgard is a tabletop wargame set in the cold realm of Isbran - a land of ice and fire.  The players in this game play out the skirmishes of small bands of warriors led into battle by heroes. You can find rules for th Norsgard miniatures game for free here.

Fallen is miniature made of high quality resin. It comes with a 40mm round base. Sculpted by Benoit Cosse. It's in 28mm scale.

Front of the blister.
Front of the mini.
Back of the mini.
Front of the glued mini.
Back of the glued mini.
Close up showing the detail.

Photos show figure, taken from the box without any additional preparation. The resin from which the model cast is really high quality. Figure has a lot of detail and you can see the skill of the sculptor hand which is Benoit Cosse. Yes, there are a few places where you can see the mould line but they are easy to correct elements. In my opinion, it's really a beautiful and interesting model.

Zdjęcia pokazują figurkę, wyjętą z pudełka bez żadnego dodatkowego przygotowania. Żywica, z której odlano model jest naprawdę wysokiej jakości. Figurka ma wiele detali i widać wprawną rękę rzeźbiarza jakim jest Benoit Cosse. Owszem jest kilka miejsc gdzie widoczna jest linia podziału formy ale są to elementy łatwe do skorygowania. W moim odczuciu to naprawdę piękny i interesujący model.

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