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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Knight of heaven

Knight of heaven
NutsPlanet [NP-B004]
Sculptor : Jun-sik Ahn
Scale : 1/10

This is "historical art" miniature. Miniature painted in 70% using airbrush. All metallics are "true metallics". I'm try to paint textures on metal, leather and white-red materials. Face was painted using Vallejo "Face Painting Set".

I hope you like him, because I put in him a lot of work and time .... :)

Knight of heaven (Nuts Planet)

Knight of heaven (Nuts Planet)

(photo story of the making of ...)

Have fun painting,

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  1. I think you did a great job. Most of all on the face. There's a style of face painting for large scale models with very ruddy and deep shadows like they're standing directly under a light in a dark room. Not really accurate for most historical periods. It is so ubiquitous I think painters assume it is "the correct way" to paint a face when in reality it is a style, like bellbottoms.

    You have enough contrast to render the volume of the face while keeping things bright and light. The entire effect, adding in the diffuse shading on the cloth, is one of being outdoors, perhaps on a slightly overcast day. Perfect for a battle.