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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Modelling materials (part 8)

I return to the old series. I present to you modeling products with which I deal while working on the figures. Since the publication of the previous article in this series, in my workshop and modeling market appeared a several new products.

Powracam do starego cyklu, w którym prezentuję Wam produkty modelarskie z jakimi mam do czynienia w czasie pracy nad figurkami. Od czasu publikacji ostatniego artykułu tej serii, w moim warsztacie oraz na rynku modelarskim pojawiło się kilka, godnych uwagi nowości.

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Weathering Pigments
Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments are made from natural, non toxic materials and can be used to create realistic weathering on scale model projects, dioramas, bases. The technique is as simple as adding a bit of pigment to a brush, or even your fingertip, and gently rubbing it over the area that you'd like to weather. Pigment Sets in Secret Weapon online store are bundled groups of pigment by application, such as rust, or colour sets, such as greens, and include a discount over the individual purchase price. What is most interesting to me, it is that there are such unusual colors: green or blue.

Kolejne pigmenty dostępne na rynku. Wyróżniają je jednak nietypowe kolory. Daje nam to możliwość zastosowania ich w zupełnie inny sposób i w zupełnie innych obszarach modelarstwa. Niebieski pigment możemy np. użyć do uzyskania efektu śniedzi.

Each bottle contains approximately (20ml) of pigment

Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments

AK 175 Grey Primer (60 Ml)
AK 175 Grey Primer (60 Ml)
Waterborne polymer primer is available in a versatile Neutral Gray color that is perfect for use as a basis for any color. Its superb adhesion qualities combined with a matt-satin finish make this primer the perfect choice for preparing models for painting. Only a light layer of primer is required for full, effective coverage; insuring that every surface detail remain crisp and clean. 

The gray primer has a darker tone than its counterpart of Vallejo.
AK 176 Dark Yellow Primer (60 Ml)
Waterborne polymer primer is available in a Dark Yellow color that is perfect for painting WWII German tanks or sand color vehicles.

AK Interactive in the near future will introduce more colors on the market. This considerably expands the color palette.

Podkłady te zostały opracowane z myślą o użyciu ich z aerografem. Doskonale kryją i są idealnie matowe. Nadają się do metalu, plastiku i żywicy. Ilość kolorów będzie sukcesywnie zwiększana. Podkłady te sa produkowane we własnej fabryce firmy AK-Interactive. Polecam zapoznać się z ulotką informacyjną w postaci PDF:

AK 712 Acrilic Thinner (60Ml)AK 712 Acrilic Thinner (60Ml)
Water based thinner especially designed for use with AK-Interactive acrylics. This non-toxic, low odor thinner is also compatible for use with other brands such as Vallejo, Tamiya or Lifecolor paints. Not just the typical alcohol and water based thinner, specially formulated product is ideal for creating the perfect paint consistency for brush and airbrush. It's need to be shake well before using.

Please look at my tutorial
Painting true metallics. You can use the new AK thinner in exactly the same way!

Ten rozcieńczalnik farb akrylowych pozwala użyć każdej farby akrylowej w aerografie (Citadel, Pactra, Vallejo...). Idealnie ją rozcieńcza i spowalnia zasychanie.

New AK-Interactive acrylic paints.
The formula of these acrylic paints are designed for use by both to airbrush and brush and are odorless and water soluble. This acrylics are manufactured by AK Interactive in own factory and are made with a formula that prevents clogging in the airbrush.

Look at PDF sheet for more informations about new paints and primers: CLICK

AK-Interactive acrylic paints

Coloured Dust workshops in Centrum Gier Feniks
Coloured Dust led a large painting workshop on Saturday in the fumes of paint part 2. Participants had the opportunity to test new paints, primers and thinner of AK-Interactive. All persons who have used these products have expressed positive feedback.

Coloured Dust przeprowadziło w ostatnim czasie duże warsztaty malarskie: Sobota w oparach farby cz.2. Uczestnicy mieli okazję przetestować nowe farby, podkłady i rozcieńczalnik firmy AK-Interactive. Wszystkie osoby, które używały tych produktów, wyraziły pozytywne opinie.

Masterclass Scenics: Crushed Glass Bundle
The "Masterclass Scenics: Crushed Glass Bundle" combines the crushed glass and "Realistic Water" products for an unbeatable wet snow effect. Of all the products and techniques for creating realistic snow and ice for scale models and miniatures bases none gives you the same shine, sparkle and realism as crushed glass. 

Ten produkt to bardzo drobno pokruszone szkło. Dodatkowo, zestaw zawiera preparat podobny do Vallejo Still Water. Ta kombinacja pozwala nam zrobić na podstawkach lub dioramach efekt topniejącego śniegu.

WARNING: Contains crushed glass. Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles, heavy-duty work gloves, and NIOSH-approved dust mask during use. Keep away from children. 

The "Masterclass Scenics: Crushed Glass Bundle" comes with:
- 45ml (2.5 ounces by weight) of crushed glass.
- 2oz. "Realistic Water"

Secret Weapons Masterclass Scenics: Crushed Glass Bundle

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