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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scenic & Basing Kits (part 3)

Over the last few months I paint mostly busts. However, I have started several projects with figures in the lead role. Still enlarges the set of elements useful for creating scenic bases. Today, another bunch of interesting products.

Przez ostatnie miesiące maluję głównie popiersia. Mam jednak rozpoczętych kilka projektów z figurkami w roli głównej. W dalszym ciągu powiększam również zbiór elementów przydatnych przy tworzeniu podstawek scenicznych. Dzisiaj kolejna porcja ciekawych produktów.

Kromlech products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's online store

Animal Skulls & Bones
This pack contains 11 resin animal and monster skulls & bones. They vary in size but fit most popular wargaming bases. They may be also useful for terrain - especially desert themed.

This pack contains 16 resin mushrooms. Mushrooms vary in size (6mm - 15mm) but fit most popular wargaming bases. They may be also useful for terrain - especially woods.

Buggy Wheels
This pack contains four wheels. They may be used to convert existing human or orc vehicles (especially buggy like) or create completely new ones!

Some new products from Juweela.


Concrete Hedgehog
Ceramic hedgehogs in 1:35 scale imitate the originals made with concrete. Ideal for mock-ups or battle games. The material from which they are made makes it easy to crush them. In this way, we can mark a damage.

Flexyway offers in modeling and dioramas completely new individual creative possibilities - with the look of the prototype and still easy and quick to use. It supports beginners and professionals - and only the builder itself is the limit...

160 individual stones with continuous joint (not connected to each other). Plastic base makes segment the flexible. Include jointing material (just add water and mix). Stones can be removed individually. Real continuous installation (no more approaches visible).

Have fun painting,