LEONIDAS | Coloured Dust

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Leonidas, King of Sparta military. Known for their great battle of Thermopylae where he fought alongside the 300 brave hoplites who were their royal guard against the Persians. The battle against Xerxes lasted 5 days and served to stop the advance of the Persians to Athens and cause 25,000 casualties. Leonidas was eventually shot by an arrow. The last Spartans were killed trying to retrieve his body lest it fall into enemy hands. Sparta buried with full honors, including an unusual display of mourning among the Spartans.

"Oh, stranger, informs Sparta here we lie, obedient to their orders yet "

According to education Spartan, Leonidas was one of the largest and strategists recognized melee of the Bronze Age, and master these techniques.

I painted this model by drawing on the characters and atmosphere of the movie "300".

Scale 75
75 mm

The entire model was painted with acrylic paints only (Citadel and Vallejo).
Stand done according to this articles:
Burn your plinth…
How to make a base with pepper and pigments?

Please switch to HD (720p) when watching.

Have fun painting,