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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Painting "Harald" (SBS)

Another "Step By Step" from my project. Chronicle of work for me, and perhaps inspiration for you. The photos were also shoot at different types of lighting. Hence the apparent differences in color. Please also read these few words between photos and click on links to other articles because they complement the whole. I hope that this will be an inspiration for you to play with busts.

Kolejny "Step By Step" z mojego projektu. Kronika pracy dla mnie i być może inspiracja dla Was. Zdjęcia były wykonywane przy różnych rodzajach oświetlenia. Stąd widoczne różnice w kolorach. Przeczytajcie również te kilka słów pomiędzy zdjęciami i kliknijcie w linki do innych artykułów bo uzupełniają całość. Miłego oglądania, mam nadzieję że będzie to dla Was inspiracja do zabawy z popiersiami.

Please remember that all of this I give you for free. It would be so nice if you leave a mark in the form of comment and share the SBS to your friends. If you want to buy me a coffee or a beer the "DONATE" button is below.

Pamiętajcie, że wszystko to daję Wam całkowicie za darmo. Będzie mi więc miło jeśli pozostawicie po sobie ślad w postaci komentarza i udostępnicie ten SBS znajomym. Jeśli chcecie postawić mi kawę lub piwo przycisk "DONATE" znajduje się poniżej. 


Have fun painting,


  1. Stunning and amazing work as always. The fact you take the time to carefully photograph each step with instruction is just remarkable!

    1. Thank You Greg!
      Believe me it is really a lot of work. Taking pictures during painting also distracts me. Preparation of imges, adding descriptions etc, also takes a lot of time. But I think it's worth when I see your response here :)

    2. Oh I know it is a ton of work! It is greatly appreciated by all who visit (even if they are quiet!)

  2. Bardzo ładnie wyszedł :)

  3. Hi Arbal!

    I like very much your result (the flesh tones, my favourites). But I think you could had better results for the hair and beard, especially pushing more the lights, very gently and carefully working on some individual parts. It woud give more strenght to your final result.
    Warm thanks for sharing this lovelly SBS with us, much appreciated!

    1. Hi Nicolae,
      thank you for the kind words. About painting hair and beard, I agree. I'm working on this already from several projects, and I hope that in the future I will be able to to get a better effect. Thank you for your valuable comments and for reading my blog :)