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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Painting "Drakkar Rider AD750" (SBS)

I have 40 photos for you from the completed "Drakkar Rider AD750" project. A very nice miniature in the 54mm scale from Andrea Miniatures. If you have any questions, leave them in a comments section. I will try to give exhaustive answers :)

Mam dla Was 40 zdjęć z ukończonego projektu "Drakkar Rider AD750". Bardzo fajny model w skali 54mm od Andrea Miniatures. Jeśli macie jakieś pytania to pozostawcie je w komentarzach. Postaram się udzielić wyczerpujących odpowiedzi :)

Please remember that all of this I give you for free. It would be so nice if you leave a mark in the form of comment and share the SBS to your friends. If you want to buy me a coffee or a beer the "DONATE" button is below.

Pamiętajcie, że wszystko to daję Wam całkowicie za darmo. Będzie mi więc miło jeśli pozostawicie po sobie ślad w postaci komentarza i udostępnicie ten SBS znajomym. Jeśli chcecie postawić mi kawę lub piwo przycisk "DONATE" znajduje się poniżej. 

Postaw mi kawę na

I've started from preparing plinth for this model.

For painting this model I've used Harder&Steenbeck airbrush and Acrylicos Vallejo paints.

My Vallejo - Game Air paints review. 

You can also read my old tutorial about water base:
How to make a base with water effect?

My review of
Vallejo - Model Wash.

Please check my article about Blacklining techniques.

All parts was assembled and miniature attached to base using metal pins and super glue.

I forgot to paint and assemble sword :)

How to prepare label you can read in my article:

A completely finished model.

Thx for watching :)

Have fun painting,
Michał "ARBAL" Walczak