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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Painting "Morgana of Avalon" (SBS)

Another photo diary :) from the process of painting the figurine "Morgana of Avalon" from H&V.

Kolejny foto pamiętnik :) z procesu malowania figurki "Morgana of Avalon" od H&V.

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My model review:

For painting this miniature I've used Harder&Steenbeck airbrush and Acrylicos Vallejo paints.

The model is ready for painting.

I always wash the model in hot soapy water.

Like always I've started from airbrush.
I try to paint as much as possible using an airbrush.

My Vallejo - Game Air paints review. 

You can read how I built this simple scenic base here:

Finished model:

Thx for watching :)

Have fun painting,
Michał "ARBAL" Walczak