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Saturday, January 19, 2013

INBOX007 - Tribal Warrior 1 (NORSGARD)

Tribal Warrior 1, the miniature from NORSGARD game.

Norsgard is a tabletop wargame set in the cold realm of Isbran - a land of ice and fire.  The players in this game play out the skirmishes of small bands of warriors led into battle by heroes. You can find rules for th Norsgard miniatures game for free here.

Tribal Warrior 1 is 32mm miniature made of high quality resin. It comes with a 30mm round base. Sculpted by Krysa Project.

In the box you will find two options of weapons to choose from. We can make a figure with an ax or a sword.

Tribal Warrior with axe.

Tribal Warrior withsword.

Casting is very good quality. Figure does not require more work on the preparation for painting. Personally, I do not play but I can see Norsgard able to use the figures such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle, or in some interesting diorama, a project born already in my head ....
This figure can buy it directly on the NORSGARD game website.

Odlew jest bardzo dobrej jakości. Figurka nie wymaga większego nakładu pracy przy przygotowaniu do malowania. Osobiście nie gram w Norsgard ale widzę możliwość wykorzystania tej figurki np. w Warhammer Fantasy Battle lub w jakiejś ciekawej dioramie, której projekt rodzi się już w mojej głowie....
Figurkę to możecie zakupić bezpośrednio na stronie gry NORSGARD.

Have fun painting,

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