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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Viking IX C.

This model is a "historical art". It was a very large and time-consuming project for me.

Viking IX C

70 MM FIGURE (95 mm height)
1:28 SCALE
Nocturna Models - HA05

For this model I used for the first time, a lot of new effects. In its creation created three tutorials on the blog:

How to make slimy grime effect?
How to make a base with water effect?
How to paint vikings shields?

The entire model was painted with acrylic paints only and some special effects:

- AK027 Slimy Grime Light
- AK026 Slimy Grime Dark
- AK079 Wet Effects Fluid
- AK011 White Spirit
- airbrush acrylic paints

Acrylicos Vallejo
- 26.591 Transparent Water
- Model Wash
- acrylic paints

Games Workshop:
- wash

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