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Below is a list of all miniatures unpacked boxes published on the blog. I think that for many of you may be useful such a small database of figurines available on the market.

INBOX001 - Doom (Pegaso Models FA75-001)
INBOX002 - Sigurt the Slash (SCIBOR 54FM0001)
INBOX003 - Fallen (NORSGARD)
INBOX004 - Ithandir, Blade of Eternity (Andrea Miniatures)
INBOX005 - Eagle Knight (SCIBOR 28SF0081)
INBOX006 - Honey Valentine (PU5405 Kabuki Models)
INBOX007 - Tribal Warrior 1 (NORSGARD)
INBOX008 - Guede (Phlegyas Art)
INBOX009 - Varkof (NORSGARD)
INBOX010 - DOVE (Tartar Miniatures TR75-19)
INBOX011 - Forest Guardian and Broadfoot (Ax Faction)
INBOX012 - LtCol., 55th Poznan Infantry Regiment (ADALBERTUS - 54006)
INBOX013 - Hellenika (PU5403 Kabuki Models)
INBOX014 - Uncle Meat (Miniature Factory)
INBOX015 - Cleopatra (Kabuki Models PU5408)
INBOX016 - Rhasva Sentinel (GE1-002 Pegaso Models)
INBOX017 - Ysil Guard (NORSGARD)
INBOX018 - Jerjes (RNestudio)
INBOX019 - Bestor, Savage Claw (Andrea Miniatures) 
INBOX020 - Cyberpunk Guru 2.0 (Phlegyas Art)
INBOX021 - Wild Hunter (UDock - creative studio)
INBOX022 - Cindirella (Kabuki Models PU5409)
INBOX023 - Star Quest (Andrea Miniatures)
INBOX024 - Spartan King (Yedharo Models)
INBOX025 - Spartan King (54mm) (Yedharo Models)
INBOX026 - Mary Sue (Miniature Factory)
INBOX027 - Valdis, The Witch (NORSGARD)
INBOX028 - GERTIE (Scale120)
INBOX029 - Seleukos I Nikator
INBOX030 - Spartan (Yedharo Models)
INBOX031 - Provincial Commander of the Templar Order with Servant (Romeo Models)
INBOX032 - Helloween Girl (PU5404 Kabuki Models)
INBOX033 - U.S. MARINES Iraq (3511 Airborne Miniatures)
INBOX034 - Shinomi (PU5401 Kabuki Models)
INBOX035 - Orohg Broken Fang (Andrea Miniatures)
INBOX036 - Orcs (
INBOX037 - U.S. Marine Sniper "NAM" (Division Miniature)
INBOX038 - Post apocalyptic factory ruin (black dog)
INBOX039 - Cybot Keek (Clay Dreams)
INBOX040 - U.S. Soldier (Mantis Miniatures)
INBOX041 - Orc Pilot Bust (Kromlech)
INBOX042 - Hand the Imp (Nuts Planet NP-B010)
INBOX043 - Berserk (Nuts Planet NP-B012)
INBOX044 - Anglo-Norman Crusader, 1189 (H&V)
INBOX045 - Shieldmaiden (Nuts Planet NP-B013)

INBOX046 - Anne Bonny (Nuts Planet NP-B014)
INBOX047 - German DAK (Nuts Planet NP-B015)
INBOX048 - Gaius Julius Caesar (Nuts Planet NP-B016)
INBOX049 - Viking Warrior (Mercury Models MM-7503)
INBOX050 - Jacobite Highlander, 1746 (H&V)
INBOX051 - Saladin (Nuts Planet NP-B017)
INBOX052 - Leona Lobo (PU5412 Kabuki Models)
INBOX053 - Viking XC. (Castle Miniatures S200-02)
INBOX054 - Overwatcher (Nuts Planet T75001)
INBOX055 - Sharpshooter Kelley (Nuts Planet T75005)
INBOX056 - Harald (H&V)
INBOX057 - Rifleman Jess (Nuts Planet T75006)

INBOX059 - Don Quixote (Nuts Planet NP-B024)
INBOX060 - Odin (Nuts Planet NP-B023) VIDEO
INBOX061 - Protects the People (Clay Dreams)
INBOX062 - Anti Robot Squad (Nuts Planet GC90-008) VIDEO
INBOX063 - Secret Agent Aida (Nuts Planet T75007)
INBOX064 - Clever Hunter (Nuts Planet T75004)
INBOX065 - Queen Of The North (Nuts Planet NP-B026)
INBOX066 - The Devil, Eye Collector (Nuts Planet NP-75011)

INBOX067 - Akito (Neko Galaxy)
INBOX068 - Sapper (Nuts Planet NP-B022)
INBOX071 - The Witch King (Rage Craft)
INBOX072 - Grunt (Nuts Planet NP-i003)
INBOX073 - Yi Sun-sin (NP-B028)

INBOX074 - Barbarian (NP-B030)
INBOX076 - Cleopatra (NP-B034)
INBOX077 - ONIBI (NP-B035)
INBOX078 - Chief Liam (GC-B004)
INBOX079 - Morgana of Avalon (H&V)
INBOX080 - Don Cerveza (Phlegyas Art)
INBOX081 - The Mandalorian (3D Print)
INBOX082 - INNA (RN estudio MS006)
INBOX083 - Mad Gross Gobbo (Studio Level)