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Airbrush "INFINITY CR plus" - Harder&Steenbeck
Airbrush "EVOLUTION AL plus" - Harder&Steenbeck
Airbrush Compressor "Aeolian Knight" (AS-179) (PL)
Airbrush "EVOLUTION 2in1" - Harder&Steenbeck
Airbrush BD-208 (Chinese K208)


Desk Working Lamp (VELLEMAN VTLAMP6)
TGX-717 (Desk Working Lamp) Fools' Day joke


Professional Transport Case - HobbyZone
Small Transport Case - HobbyZone
Acrylic Painting Palette - HobbyZone
Paint Hanger - HobbyZone (ENGLISH VERSION)
Wieszak na farby - HobbyZone (POLISH VERSION)
Brushes and Tools Holder - HobbyZone
Brush Box (HobbyZone)
Brush Box (PK-PRO)
Miniature Holder (v2.0) (PK-PRO)
Airbrush Station - Hobby Zone (HZ-as1)


Modelling materials (part 1) thinner, acrylic paint remover, Cleanser Ipa, matt varnish
Modelling materials (part 2) glue , decal softener, pigments, mediums, liquid green stuff
Modelling materials (part 3) AK Interactive
Modelling materials (part 4)
Surface Primer, Varnishes, Fluorescent Colors, X-27

Modelling materials (part 5) Milliput Standard, Milliput Super Fine, Maskol, Inks
Modelling materials (part 6) Revell
Modelling materials (part 7) AK Interactive (part II)
Modelling materials (part 8) Secret Weapon, Ak-Interactive
Modelling materials (part 9) PK-PRO Super Glue
Modelling materials (part 10) PK-PRO Pigments, AK Interactive
Modelling materials (part 11) Secret Weapon, Vallejo
Modelling materials (part 12) PK-PRO, AMMO, AK-Interactive
Tools (part 1) Drill, Clay Shapers, some-thing
Tools (part 2) Dental tools, Nailfile, Pipette, Tweezers, Applicator
Tools (part 3) Pro Grip Knive, Nozzle Cleaning Needle, Cleaning Pot, 
C/A Applicator FLEX-I-FILE
Everlasting Wet Palette - Redgrass


Army Painter - Colour Primer
Vallejo - Game Air
Vallejo - Model Wash
Vallejo - Painting Sets
Vallejo - Painting Sets (August 2015)
Flesh Paint Set (Andrea Color)
Revell "Aqua Color" (POLISH VERSION)
Revell "Aqua Color" (ENGLISH VERSION)
Other products:

SPELLCROW - Miniatures, bits and more...
Army Painter - Mega Brush Set
Incredible Masking Putty (PK-PRO)
Hangar18 - HiDef Photo Backgrounds
Battle Bases - Micro Art Studio
Vallejo - Textures of Sand, Earth & Stone
Vallejo - Pigment Sets (March 2017)
Army Painter - Tufts
Pędzle MAG-POL Small glance for Polish readers about brushes from Polish manufacturer.
Orc Warbus (PUPPETS WAR) Warhammer 40.000
Scrap Yard - Barricades (Secret Weapon)
Resin Display Bases - Secret Weapon
Scenic & Basing Kits (part 1)
Scenic & Basing Kits (part 2)
Scenic & Basing Kits (part 3)
Scenic & Basing Kits (part 4)

Hydra Models (wooden bases)
Juweela - Create Your World
Juweela - SORTIMENTBOX BASE (28mm)

Juweela - Bases 32mm Tabletop
Juweela - Rubble In The Box (City)
ABER - photo-etched elements